Founded in 2008, Science View is an organization that promotes science communication and science education activities to help bridge the gap between the scientific community and the wider public in Greece and in Europe. The staff, members and co-operators (science communicators and science journalists) of Science View, are constantly working on making scientific knowledge useful and clearly understood by the general public. In doing so, it focuses on the following activities:

  • the organization of events for the distribution and communication of science in public (such as conferences, info days, science cafes, scientific workshops) and their video coverage released on media or uploaded on websites
  • the production of videos and documentaries (including interactive documentaries) of research and scientific projects for dissemination and awareness purposes
  • the organisation of training courses about new techniques on science communication; the team specializes on designing and developing e-learning courses for organizations, companies, universities, schools and public and private bodies; it further designs and conducts online seminars, synchronous or asynchronous, via the training web platform of Science View printed and electronic publications, e.g. books concerning science popularization, newsletters, online magazines, websites, information portals and brochures.
  • the development and implementation of educational activities in science and technology in order to inform teachers and pupils to obtain relevant skills.
  • the mobilization of young people, especially students, to participate in actions of scientific interest
  • the development and implementation of research activities in various scientific fields.

Science View is further involved in the organization of science festivals, world conferences and science debates. Being a member of the European Union of Science Journalists’ Association (EUSJA) and the European Science Events Association (EUSEA), Science View partners with large EU projects and aims at expanding events and activities organized in Greece to the whole of Europe. Moreover, it aims at connecting science journalists and science communicators all over Europe in order to foster pan-European dialogue and the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Additionally, Science View maintains excellent contacts with all research institutions in Greece (universities and research centres), since it functions as a provider of the Official Research and Technology e-magazine of the General Secretariat of Research and Technology of the Greek Ministry of Education.

The activities that Science View develops, implements and is involved in are in line with all aspects of Responsible Research and Innovation, since science education, public engagement, open access to scientific information, gender equality and ethical issues represent the main pillars and guiding principles of the organization. Still, in the upcoming five years Science View aims at enlarging its involvement in RRI and science communication in general, hoping to increase the integration of society and its citizens into research processes and also contribute to the increase of the uptake of STEM related academic and professional careers.

Science View’s strong devotion to RRI principles; its longstanding experience in science communication and in the development of transdisciplinary approaches in science education makes Science View a valuable and skilled partner. Its proficiency stems from the organization and conduct of various EU-funded projects (see list below), having borne responsibility as a work package leader, task leader or national organizer.

Science View is a core partner in the Open Schools for Open Societies initiative ( and has been responsible for developing the OSOS Self-Reflection-Tool ( &

SV will coordinate Dissemination and Awareness Raising (WP9) and contribute to the Needs Analysis (WP2) and to the development of the Roadmap (WP8).