LfE Webinar: Using Robotic Telescopes for Real Science in the Classroom

Wednesday 1st March: Part 1 – Live observing with Faulkes Telescope

Wednesday 8th March: Part 2 – Astronomical Image Processing

The Learning from the Extremes project is organising a dedicated webinar that will present how schools can realise observations from the classroom using robotic telescopes (Part 1) as well as how to work and process the images acquired by the telescope (Part 2).

The Learning from the Extremes webinar will provide information that help schools to use robotic telescopes within the classroom in order to provide relevant lessons. During the webinar the participants will use the Faulkes Robotic Telescope after they will be introduced in its facilities and on how they can request and image/observation. Also, they will be introduced to Salsa J and demonstrate to teachers how to realise simple image processing so to provide learning activities within the classroom.

The Learning from the Extremes webinar will be organised in 2 parts.

The 1st Part will take place on Wednesday 1st March at 10.00 CET and the 2nd Part will take place on Wednesday 8th March at 16:00 CET.  Both parts of the webinar will be online.

You can download the agenda of the webinar here

Please register in advance!

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the webinar!

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