LfE Schools’ Practices

Discover the practice implemented in KInaffe NS school in Connaught, Ireland that involved Ukrainian families! 

There was an influx of Ukrainian families to the small village in the West of Ireland following the war in Ukraine. KInaffe school faced challenges in integrating the children of these families into the school system and creating a stable, supportive environment for them and their families. 

Find out at the following link how they used technological equipment and examples of transformative leadership to overcome their challenge: Link Here


Are you looking for ways to integrate new technologies in your class and prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow? Take a look at this exceptional good practice implemented by Kilcooley NS school in Connaught, Ireland.

📚 Dimension: Availability of ICT tools and applications 📚

At Kilcooley NS, they are dedicated to preparing their students for the jobs of tomorrow. The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report (2016) highlighted the evolving nature of careers, prompting them to revolutionize their teaching practices. They have integrated cutting-edge technologies seamlessly into their national curriculum, ensuring their students are ready for whatever the future holds.  

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Are you seeking innovative ways to enhance digital competences for both students and teachers? Take a look at the transformative practice implemented by the School of Kantakaupunki in Kristiinankaupunki, Finland.  

📚 Dimension: Professional development of teachers 📚

The school addressed the need for more digital resources and competences, leading to the purchase of Chromebooks, Makey Makey, and smart boards. The introduction of the Ville learning system, with its game-based tasks, ignited a newfound interest in mathematics.  

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Explore the remarkable practice that was implemented by the Primary School Ivana Martinovića in Štitar, Croatia!

With the acquired funding from the Learning from the Extremes project, they acquired a laser engraver and cutter, revolutionizing their approach to teaching and learning. The school aimed to strengthen its ties with the local community, fostering greater involvement in school activities.

Learn more about their inspiring initiatives and the positive impact they have made in the following link: Link Here