LfE Pilots Cyprus two day Event – Kampos Village (7-8 October 2023)

LfE Pilots Cyprus two day Event – Kampos Village

7-8 October 2023

The Cyprus Pedagogical Institute conjunction with the Primary School of Kampou-Tsakistra, orchestrated a gathering involving five LfE Pilot schools actively engaged in the “Learning from the Extremes” (LfE) Project. This meeting unfolded in the village of Kampou on October 7-8, 2023, with the overarching goal of the LfE project being to address disparities in digital education and narrow the digital divide prevalent in remote regions.

The event comprised a diverse agenda, encompassing presentations, the exchange of educators’ insights, experiential workshops focusing on digital skills, engaging cartoon workshops, and a variety of social and informative sessions. Notably, a dedicated digital skills workshop was tailored specifically for the residents of the Kampou-Tsakistra region.

The involvement of the Primary School of Kampou-Tsakistra and the local community serves as a tangible demonstration that the enhancement of digital infrastructure holds the potential to alleviate inequalities in the rural areas of Cyprus, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape.


See more about the event here.


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