LfE New Partnerships

New Partnerships

Learning from the Extremes is organising a series of sessions, to support schools participating in the project, to establish new partnerships and to take advantage of Erasmus+ Learning Mobilities for their team.

We will offer 3 sessions devoted to guiding headmasters, teachers in charge of the mobility actions for the school teaching and non-teaching staff, and educators willing to establish collaboration with other schools or institutions in the field of education.

Here are the dates and the themes for the 3 sessions:

Nov 23rd – 15:00 CET – How to write a successful Erasmus Plus Learning Mobility for Schools with  Erasmus+ KA1

Nov 30th – 15:00 CET – How to write a successful Erasmus Plus Partnership for Schools with  Erasmus+ KA2

Dec 7th – 15:00 CET – School Meet to discuss new collaborations



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