International Conference

Learning from the Extremes

Friday 19th – Saturday 2oth of January, 2024

Athens, Greece.

The purpose of the conference is to create an international meeting point for educators, scientists, researchers and policy makers. The conference will present cutting-edge perspectives on education as well as practices that have already been tested in several educational settings.

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About the Open Classroom Conference 2024

“Learning from the Extremes”

“Learning from the Extremes”, learning from pilot applications in remote school units, which have already managed to integrate innovation into the educational process and turn their unit into a center for the production of knowledge but at the same time for the provision of solutions for the local community.
Participants will have the opportunity to:
  • follow and learn from the experiences of the 123 schools that participated in the pilot application in 10 European countries.
  • be informed about the digital policy of the countries that participated in the Learning from the Extremes project (Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Ireland, Bulgaria, Finland, Croatia, Spain, Italy and Romania) as well as the planned actions to achieve their policies.
  • attend presentations with the latest developments for the integration of innovation in the educational process,
  • get involved in workshops that will show them ways they can integrate these practices into the daily operation of the school unit.
  • attend presentations with useful instructions and advice on how they can get involved in ERASMUS+ funded programs and integrate these practices but also acquire more skills that will support them in this endeavour.
The conference will be held in English, and participants will be given participation certificates.
Thematic Areas
  • Schools as learning hubs of local communities
  • Digital tools and applications for innovation and inclusion
  • Digital policies in school education
  • Open School Culture
  • Schools as Living Labs
  • Teachers’ Digital Competencies and Professional Development
  • Stakeholder engagement in school innovation
  • Self-reflection tools to support innovation and systemic change in schools

Call for Abstracts

The Conference organizers are inviting proposals for original paper abstracts’ and poster presentations on one of the aforementioned themes. Proposal ideas that extend beyond these thematic areas will also be considered.
All submissions must be written in English.
Deadline for Submission: 28 November 2023
Information about Accepted abstracts: 21 December 2023

Good Practices Parallel Workshops

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“Learning from the Extremes”

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