Followup LfE Webinar: Using Robotic Telescopes for Real Science in the Classroom – Part 2

Wednesday 8th March: Part 2 – Astronomical Image Processing

The Learning from the Extremes project realised the 2nd Part of the Webinar “Using Robotic Telescopes for Real Science in the Classroom”, on the 8th of March 2023. The webinar attended almost 60 participants and up to now there are more than 80 people in total that have watch the webinar on the YouTube Channel.

The Learning from the Extremes webinar was dedicated on the methods and tools that could be used in order to work with and process the images acquired by a robotic telescope. During the webinar, there was presented an image processing software, Salsa J, that can be used in schools to help students replicate scientific processes and discoveries. The webinar presenters worked with the images acquired using the 40cm telescope at Siding Spring during the 1st Part of the webinar and presented the process to transform and analyze them.



You can watch the 2nd Part here:

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