DGE is the Directorate-General for Education (Direção-Geral da Educação) of the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

DGE’s specific purpose is to make sure that national policies are implemented regarding the pedagogical and didactic components of pre-school, primary, lower and upper secondary education, as well as the provision of education for children not attending school.

DGE is in charge of designing, developing and evaluating initiatives and projects related to the use of digital tools and resources in education. It fosters the effective use of computers and the Internet by all educational agents.

The Educational Resources and Technologies Team (ERTE) works within the Directorate-General for Education of the Portuguese Ministry of Education. It’s a multidisciplinary team whose mission aims at supporting schools on the use of ICT at a national and/or regional level and the participation in national and European projects.

This team is also responsible to raise awareness of digital education and the curricular integration of digital technologies as means to promote educational success; Promote the development of digital skills in education, from a perspective of education for digital citizenship;  Conceive, develop, monitor and evaluate innovative initiatives that promote educational success that contemplate, include and make use of digital environments in the teaching and learning process; Propose guidelines for a pedagogical and didactic use of spaces, equipment and digital educational resources, available to educators and schools; Sensitize the school community to the adequacy of educational resources to the need to ensure accessibility for the entire target audience by promoting equity and equal opportunities in accessing the curriculum; Develop, certify, manage and disseminate digital educational resources for different levels of education, subjects, components of the curriculum and training; Promote research and disseminate studies on the educational use of ICT in schools; Contribute to the continuous training of educators and teachers in the area of the integration of ICT in the curriculum and digital pedagogies; Ensure the participation of DGE in national and international organizations in projects involving the study, promotion, evaluation and educational use of ICT. The team is based in Lisbon and has ten regional Competence Centers, covering all the country, based in in-service Teachers Training Centers, Polytechnic Institutes and/or Universities. Each center supports the schools of its geographical area, or elsewhere, whenever the projects and activities are directly related with the subjects of expertise of the Center of Competence.

DGE will support this project through its expertise in the fields of competence and skills development, through its direct channels of communication with the Portuguese schools – thus facilitating the development of field tests and dissemination – and finally through its experience and mandate in policy development and implementation. DGE will contribute to the Needs Analysis (WP2) and the Learning from the Extremes Roadmap (WP8)