Community Building Tools

To support the engagement of the user-communities, the Learning from the Extremes services will offer a) community building tools, b) advanced search mechanisms to provide access to numerous digital content repositories and archives, c) content creation and classroom delivery tools with integrated student assessment functionalities d) school innovation profiling (based on the SELFIE self-reflection tool) and e) an interactive map of Europe (The Rural School Innovation Map) that will depict the activities and the development of the schools that are part of the network to facilitate effective collaboration and international projects development on common issues. Additionally, visionary and practice-reflection workshops will be organised. Hang-outs for the schools working on the same project will be facilitated by the Rural Schools Innovation Academy. On-line training sessions will be offered. The project will organise international training courses for the participating teachers (these activities will be funded by the ERASMUS+ mobility grants). Students, teachers and schools work will be awarded and recognised in numerous occasions (contests, hackathons, open days).